VA Vorzuglich Auslese - Excellent Select: Given only to a group of outstanding select German shepherds at a Sieger show.

V Vorzuglich - Excellent: Outstanding German shepherds with full dentitions and good character.

SG Sehrgut - Very Good: Highest grade possible for dogs under 24 months of age or dogs of outstanding merit.

G Gut - Good: Really about average, given to typical but not exceptional animals.

A Ausreichend - Satisfactory: Given to below average dogs.

M Mangelhaft - Poor: Poor quality dogs but of tolerable character.

U Ungenugend - Unsatisfactory: Given to dogs with faulty character or serious faults, ungraded.


Height and Weight Standard

Height and Weight Standard (preferred):


60 cm - 65 cm


23 - 5/8" - 25 - 1/2"


30 kg - 40 kg

66 lbs - 88 lbs


55 cm - 60 cm


21 - 5/8" - 23 - 5/8"


22 kg - 32 kg

48.5 lbs - 70.5 lbs


Terms and Definitions


Angehort: Breed surveyed (recommended for breeding)

Koerklasse 1: (KKL 1) Especially recommended for breeding

Koerklasse 2: (KKL 2) Suitable for breeding. Dog may have a structural or protection work fault which could be compensated for bloodlines or working qualities. May be resurveyed and reclassified at a later date.

( * ): This symbol before a dog's name means it has been surveyed and approved for breeding.

"a": Dog's hips have been x-rayed and certified normal. Required for Breed survey.

LGA: Landesgruppen (Regional ) Show. There are approximately 1500 German shepherd dog clubs in Germany and these are under the jurisdiction of the 15 Landesgruppen clubs. The LG shows are larger than the local shows and the judging and rating requirements are stricter. Landesgruppen Sieger and Siergerin titles are awarded.

CACIB: A European International Champion.

SchH/IPO: (Schutzhund) For dogs who have passed the examinations for obedience, protection and tracking. The titles 1, 2 and 3 denote how advanced the training tests were. The dog must have at least a SchH 1/IPO 1 to be Breed Surveyed.

AD: (Ausdauerpruefung) The dogs passed an endurance test by gaiting approximately six miles per hour for about nine miles with a ten minute rest halfway, and a simple Obedience Test at the end. A requirement for the Breed Survey.

HGH: (Herdengebrauchshund) Herding Dog Title.

PH: (Polizei Hund) Police Dog Title.

FH: (Fahrten Hund) Advanced Tracking Dog Title, FH1 or FH2

BH: (Begleitungshund) Temperament and obedience examinations to qualify for Schutzhund titles. This must be completed before competing for SchH 1