The Girls

SG Sandy vom Salztalblick   SchH3, FH1, AD, KKL1a, ZW:85

Very nice build female off the famous Salztalblick kennel. Very high drive with full mouth bite on the sleeve during protection work. This female is awesome for dog sport and also for breeding , she has already had three outstanding litter's Her obedience is very animated, fast & correct. She is always very focused & correct during tracking, she is a joy to work with.

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Brixi vom Kaltersberg

Some girls have it all LOOKS and good working abilities. A really beautiful build female with great colors. Super ball and play drive, hunt drive over the top , this female really wants to please her handler 24/7. We just started OB a while ago ( great!!) This female is going to be a great prospect for Breeding and Schutzhund Sport.


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