Brixi vom Kaltersberg

Brixi below at 5 months old

Some girls have it all LOOKS and good working abilities. A really beautiful build female with great colors. Super ball and play drive, hunt drive over the top , this female really wants to please her handler 24/7. We just started OB a while ago ( great!!) This female is going to be a great prospect in our Kennel for Breeding and Schutzhund Sport.

She is as tough as they come during bite work," we keep looking for a pair of testicles on her" she means business when she bites. So far her obedience, tracking and bite imprinting has been great. She is always ready to go to work, but patiently waiting if you cant. She is truly a joy to work with!!

 We are in pursuit of her AD, BH in 2009.  Handler owned and trained since she was a baby.


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Brixi has learned very quickly with only imprinting combined with play and reward, never ever a correction with great success,  Her recall with front sit is rock solid, sit out of motion and down out of motion with recall is solid, she is all ready doing the stand out of motion in only one training session. From all the other Shepherds I have seen young and old she possesses all the traits at a very young age that you would look for an in top sport dog and she is a stunning example of what this breed is all about.

Some Heeling with Brixi 1 Year Old




Obedience Imprinting with

 Brixi at 5 Months Old


Obedience Imprinting with

 Brixi at 5 Months Old


Bite Imprinting with

 Brixi at 5 Months Old




Brixi Below at 3 Months Old


Imprinting with Brixi


Brixi's First Time Swimming


Brixi's 2nd Time Tracking


Puppy Tug with Brixi


More Tug Work with Brixi












Very nice build female off the famous Salztalblick kennel. Very high drive with full mouth bite on the sleeve during protection work. This female is awesome for dog sport and also for breeding , she has already had two outstanding litter's Her obedience is very animated, fast & correct. She is always very focused & correct during tracking, she is a joy to work with.

SG Sandy vom Salztalblick   SchH3, FH1, AD, CGN, KKL1a, ZW:85

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CJ is a large and substantial dog who is extremely powerful and fast in protection with calm, full and hard grips. He has exceptional drives for all phases of the work, is a very clear thinker and has very high trainability. CJ is a unique dog in that he builds drive the more he works in obedience. He is a natural tracker with a very good work ethic in this phase. He is also a very social and happy dog, is void of dog aggression and is great with children. We are in pursuit of his SchH 2, SchH 3, FH1 and the Koerklasse Rating in 2009. CJ is truly a pleasure to train and have as part of the family.

OCJ of Shepherdglen  AD, BH, SchH1, TR-2      H.O.T.

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