Shelby vom Shepherdglen

DOB: Mar. 29, 2007.

Shelby is showing outstanding ability. She has a good mix of prey drive & aggression. She is very animated and driven with allot of self confidence for her age. Exceptionally strong nerves, intense prey drive, full hard bite on the sleeve during helper work and good retrieve instincts with the ball on a rope.

Her obedience training thus far has been very easy. She is showing allot of the same characteristics as her big brother CJ. We are in pursuit of her AD, BH and SchH 1  in 2009.  Handler owned and trained since she was a puppy.

Hip certification :  Pre Lim "Excellent" 

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Elbow certification :  Pre Lim "Excellent" 



Obedience Training with Shelby


Tracking Training with Shelby

Introducing Shelby to the Helper


Introducing Shelby to the Helper

Some Tug and Heeling with Shelby